Trak Group is dedicated to improving the operational efficiency of your buildings. We offer a comprehensive range of services – HVAC, electrical, building controls, energy management, security systems, and water treatment – through our dynamic group of businesses. If you are a building owner or facility manager, these are just some of the key benefits we offer you:

Together, we can improve your building’s performance.

At Trak, we do more than simply keep your building running – we’re focused on continual improvement. We deliver real bottom-line benefits to your building’s efficiency, operating costs, and tenancy satisfaction.

With all the benefits of a single-supplier.

Trak Group can take care of all your building needs – whether it’s HVAC, controls, electrical, security, or water treatment. We have separate companies that specialise in each of these services, under the Trak Group umbrella. To learn more about these different services, visit the dedicated websites.

We specialise in complex buildings.

No two buildings are the same. Whatever type of building you have – old or new, purpose-built or retro-fitted, single location or multi-facility – we strive to optimise its performance. Our team has the capability to meet even the most complex building system installation, development and maintenance requirements.

With full in-house capability.

With Trak Group, you deal directly with the team who are looking after your building needs. We employ all our own people in-house – professionals, tradespeople and technicians - so we don’t need to sub-contract out your work. This means we are more responsive, accountable, and cost-efficient.

And advanced reporting tools.

Our 7-day Call Centre and advanced reporting tools provide you with extensive real-time information on your building assets, along with their service and maintenance programme.

Trak Group Of Companies

Our services

Trak Group can provide you with a complete range of building management services – with all the benefits of dealing with a single, trusted supplier. Or perhaps you are looking for a one-off solution to solve a particular problem? We will be happy to help with that too. Each business under the Trak Group umbrella is fully managed and resourced by specialist teams. We invite you to find out more about:

Trak Air-Conditioning

Demand better performance from your HVAC solution. We specialise in HVAC design, installation, service and maintenance; for all types of buildings. Click here to visit Trak Air-Conditioning website.

Control Air

Looking to increase your building’s energy efficiency?  We are the New Zealand agent for the TREND Building Energy Management System (BeMS). Click here to visit Control Air website.

Trak Security

For assurance that your buildings, assets and people are secure; we provide a full range of commercial security solutions – including design, installation and maintenance of detection, access control and CCTV systems. Click here to visit Trak Security website.


For robust water treatment reticulation solutions; including monitoring and testing. We provide the environmentally-sensitive Bio-Sure solution; or we can work with your preferred treatment. Click here to visit Bio-Cell website.

Air Assist

Air Assist’s experienced and dedicated team provide comprehensive commissioning services for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Working independently for our customers or supporting the Trak businesses we will ensure that your building is compliant, safe, healthy, and efficient.

Whether commissioning a new installation, re-balancing, or trouble-shooting you will be provided reliable, practical and effective support. Click here to visit Air Assist website.